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Into The Redwoods

July 21, 2022

This Fall, we are capturing the illustrious beauty of the Redwood Forest, nestled deep in the Pacific Northwest. Our color story pulls inspiration from the dense undergrowth and majestic bark of the Redwood trees. We utilized unconventional materials like copper flashing, plush rugs, paper plates, and wallpaper to create a lush landscape that brings the forest floor to life. 


where we become small amongst the age-old trees
who teach us of strength and empower us to continue

uplifting the lives around us
growing wiser and more resilient as we reach beyond
into the warm light shimmering from above

we emerge from the forests anew
filled with a sense of wonder 
and a readiness to step into a new season

a season of renewal
a season of heartfelt connection
a season of beauty

Welcome Fall

Altar'd State Mission
Altar'd State Mission
Altar'd State Mission
Altar'd State Mission
Altar'd State Mission
Altar'd State Mission


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