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Store Stories // Hillsboro Village

June 12, 2019
Hillsboro Village | Nashville, Tennessee
Nestled between the college campuses of Belmont and Vanderbilt in Hillsboro Village, sits one of the few Altar’d State boutiques located around Nashville, TN. The eclectic Hillsboro Village is a walkable, urban neighborhood located right outside the heart of downtown Nashville. The Village is a one-stop shop, housing several Nashville staple boutiques and restaurants. Hillsboro Village is even the home of Pancake Pantry, where the idea of Altar’d State was sparked between friends and stacks of pancakes.
One-Of-A-Kind Space
Over the summer of 2017, a local sports bar was transformed into the beautiful, architectural space seen today. Because this location is historically recognized, the space highlights unique concepts like exposed brick and industrial urban design. We offer a hidden paradise within the walls of our inner-city shop – a glass walled atrium, filled with natural sunlight, tropical plants, and a beautiful fountain. It has become a popular Instagram-spot of locals and tourists alike!
You will leave feeling fulfilled in knowing you made a difference!
If the store façade and elaborate window design don’t draw you in, our mission certainly will. The soul of Altar’d State is its love of community and giving back to those communities. If you shop with us on a Monday, 10% of your purchase will go to helping local charities chosen by our staff! We partner with different organizations throughout the year impacting cancer research, women’s empowerment, veteran welfare, child care, and animal rescue! We have no doubt when you leave our store with something special, you will leave feeling fulfilled in knowing you made a difference.