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Altar'd State + Safehome

January 28, 2020
Mission Monday is all about helping our neighbors…our own hometowns and you, are right there with us!
Our Altar’d State Family at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, Kansas recently partnered with Safehome during our Mission Monday Campaign focused on Women’s Self-Esteem. Our Oak Park Family, like every Altar’d State Boutique, gets to personally choose their Mission Monday Partners during each campaign as they all know best the very specific needs of their own hometowns.

Safehome’s vision has always been straightforward-to end domestic violence in the community. Kelsey, our Assistant Store Lead believes that the partnership between Safehome and Altar’d State was extremely rewarding and relates sharing with our guests about the partnership. She states “Guests’ eyes lit up with recognition and excitement” in regards to this Mission Monday partnership. Approximately 8000 women, men and children, every year, seek and are impacted by Safehome’s services. Megan McGee, Director of Community Engagement for Safehome, adds “All of Safehome’s services including counseling, healthcare & economic advocacy, court and legal services are all free of charge... Without the support of the community, including Altar’d State and their guests, none of the life-saving work Safehome does would be possible.” McGee states.
Altar'd State Mission
Altar'd State Mission
Altar'd State Mission
Altar'd State Mission
During the approximately month long campaign, our Altar’d State Family members and Safehome partners presented Safehome’s story in our Boutique every Monday. Shelby, another of our Altar’d State Family observed that the women from Safehome were such sweet and welcoming ladies and were extremely grounded to the mission. “What they do for all in the local area is amazing…to make others feel empowered and confident within themselves is so inspiring!” Shelby states. Safehome was able to bring to life and light the stories of a number of victims from various situations encountered through their efforts during their visits at our Boutique. “Volunteering with Safehome was a very rewarding experience and I am so grateful I was able to be a part of their mission!” states Lauren another Altar’d State Family member at Oak Park.

While the final numbers raised during this campaign to benefit Safehome’s services have yet to be totaled, we cannot stress enough that you, our Guest, are the essential element to our Mission Monday campaigns to change the world for the better. When you shop with us on Monday, 10% of our net proceeds go directly to partners like Safehome in every Altar’d State city or community we call home and also online at and We can never thank you, our Guest, and our Altar’d State Family enough for what you are all enabling to occur!
Without you, we would not be able to impact the lives around us and Give Back to those in need!